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Air Force MARS South East Division
Delays In Registration Approvals PDF Print E-mail
Written by Webmaster   
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 12:24

There have been delays in approvals for some registrations.  Region 4 Air Force MARS members get approved pretty quickly because the Webmaster has access to these membership rolls to check out callsigns, emails and registrations.  Requests from Air Force members in Regions other than Region 4 and Army and Navy MARS members take longer because membership information is not readily available and requests have to be checked with the respective State MARS Directors.  Our apologies for the delay but we must verify each request to protect the security of the website.


Another reason for delay has been the use of billet callsigns and names or nicknames or handles as login ID's.  The rule is very inflexible here.  Because billet calls change as people rotate through the positions and because other types of ID's vary so greatly from person to person, the only verifiable ID is your generic MARS callsign.  The generic callsign is the one you are issued and which you will use after you complete training.  Please do no use the /T as part of you login as you will drop that on completion of training.


So, when a request is made using a non-MARScall ID, the request must be denied and the record expunged from the website database so that a new attempt can be made using the same email address but with a new, proper ID.  Please understand the need for this.  But, then, even the Air Force MARS Region 4 Director had to do it.  No exceptions.